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Small Business Plan

Are you a small business owner with only a single website and need an affordable means of keeping tabs on your backlinks? If so, how does a FREE package that offers you the basics of our automated backlink tracker for that 1 website sound? We imagine it sounds pretty darn good.

Track every valuable link redirecting customers to a single website for FREE with BacklinkTracker’s Personal Plan. REGISTER HERE

Entrepreneur Plan

This plan is aimed to maximize the efforts of individuals with their fingers in more than one virtual pie. Enjoy the advantage of tracking links to up to 10 different websites. You’ll also receive advanced features with this reliable link tracking software and can apply them to any number of your sites.

Confirming that not so much as one valuable link to your websites is inactive is made easy and affordable with BacklinkTracker’s Internet Marketer Plan. Available now to the savvy entrepreneur for only $5 per month. REGISTER HERE

SEO Company Plan

SEO companies and consultants can now jump at the chance to offer their clients the reassurance that all of their backlinks are up and active. And that’s true whether you have one client or 1,000, because this automated backlink tracker plan offers you the freedom to track links to an unlimited number of websites. You’ll also receive the full complement of features available with our powerful link tracking software.

Allow your business to grow and still rest easy knowing you can track links for each and every customer with BacklinkTracker’s Optimizer Plan. Month in and out and no matter how many sites you track backlinks for, it is yours for only $10 per month. REGISTER HERE


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Client Testimonials

images “I’m a small business owner, and last year I began establishing backlinks as a means of routing potential customers to my site. I was wholly unaware that my links could be rendered ineffective with nofollow code or by simply being “dropped.” Fortunately the possibility of it was brought to my attention and when I put the effort into tracking a number of them – lo and behold, some of my paid links had in fact suffered such a demise.
I don’t have the time or inclination to follow each backlink I’ve invested in, so I’m more than happy and pleased with the security I have with Backlink Tracker Service. I’m well aware of the value my links have to generating new business, and it is nice to know these guys have my back.”
--Kelvin G.