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How it Works

Here at BacklinkTracker, we understand that the investments you make in fortifying your online viability need to be made assuredly. Up until now, when you purchased backlinks to your website or arranged to reciprocally exchange links with another domain owner, you were taking something of a risk.

No longer.

Our Automated Backlink Tracker is ready to inform you whether or not your valuable links continue to serve their purpose. This means you don’t have to manually sort through web page after web page, tracking your links the hard way. We do it all for you and if any of your links have been removed or been rendered ineffective with “nofollow” code, our link tracking software will quickly let you know.

No follow what?”

nofollow code is a value assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML chain ( your link, in layman’s terms) that prevents the link’s target from being recognized by search engines. The link may still reroute viewers to your website, but it is wholly useless in promoting greater search engine rankings. This will be, of course, a major issue of contention for business owners relying on their backlinks to enhance their rankings. Determining whether or not your backlink is coded as nofollow would be a tall order for the average fellow, but it is elementary for BacklinkTracker - there’s no code that can escape our watchful eye.

In addition to being a faithful watchdog for removed links and those crippled with nofollow code, our Automated Backlink Tracker offers the following benefits to you:

Visible Link Anchor Texts

Seeing the anchor texts of your backlinks makes it easy to compare your included keywords with changes in optimum search engine ranking words and terms. These changes occur constantly, so it is wise to keep on top of your anchor texts.

Link Identity Tool

Identify and document the type of link you are tracking - banner ad, contextual link or otherwise. Have an idea of the number of each type you are employing and make strategic decisions based on your web marketing research.

Paid Link Tracker

No explanation needed – you forked out the bucks for the sponsored link, be sure it’s still there, it’s “live” and you’re getting what you paid for.

Backlink PageRank Checker

Allows you to monitor the page ranking of sites your links are located within. The more visible they are, the more visible you will be as well. The decision to renew a link if you’re on a term is made a whole lot easier with this function.

Let Me Show You How It Works!

Client Testimonials

images “I’m a small business owner, and last year I began establishing backlinks as a means of routing potential customers to my site. I was wholly unaware that my links could be rendered ineffective with nofollow code or by simply being “dropped.” Fortunately the possibility of it was brought to my attention and when I put the effort into tracking a number of them – lo and behold, some of my paid links had in fact suffered such a demise.
I don’t have the time or inclination to follow each backlink I’ve invested in, so I’m more than happy and pleased with the security I have with Backlink Tracker Service. I’m well aware of the value my links have to generating new business, and it is nice to know these guys have my back.”
--Kelvin G.